João Pedro Vale +
Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
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  Pra não dizer que não falei das flores (So that it may not be said that I did not speak about flowers), 2015
 Fabric flowers and embroidery on velvet.
 185 x 120 cm

*"Pra não dizer que não falei das flores" (Portuguese for "So that it may not be said that I did not speak about flowers"), also known as "Caminhando" (Portuguese for "Walking"), is a song composed by Geraldo Vandré that ranked second on the Festival Internacional da Canção in 1968. Although it was the most applauded song of the night and very well received by the public, the music did not guarantee to Vandré the prize thanks to orders directed the station Rede Globo by the first Army command who condemned the composition because they consider it extremely critical relative to the government. Considered a violation of the sovereignty of the country and a mockery of the armed forces, public playing of the song was forbidden by the Brazilian military dictatorship the following day and the composer has become one of the most hunted persons in the country. The general Luís de Oliveira França, Security Secretary, warned that the music would serve as a slogan for the street manifestations hereafter. All the registers of Vandré's presentation at the festival were deleted.